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European Wagyu Gala Münster 2018

For the fourth time the EUROPEAN WAGYU GALA 2018 took place at weekend from September 08
and 09 in Münster-Albachten on the farm of family Holtmann. On the evening before the sale there was for the first time a „Country Night with Wagyu- Beefstreet“, during which master chefs Lucki Maurer and Xiao Wang offered a culinary journey through different continents. The Countryband „Mavericks“ set the good tone for the evening. This evening on the Holtmann farm was exciting for everyone and will definitely be repeated again.On Sunday the Auction took place, and it attracted a large crowd, with visitors national as well as international. The auction started at 1.30 pm, right after the symposium with Wagyu expert Mercedes Danekas-Lohse from California, USA. Andreas Aebi from Switzerland was the auctioneer and Mercedes Danekas-Lohse and Hubertus Diers were in charge of the pedigree reading.


Members' Meeting v. 39 June to 1 July 2018 in Stödtlen

Official platform for members and Wagyu friends


Members' Meeting v. 30 June to 2 July 2017 in Wittlich

The members of the Wagyu Association met in Wittlich this time. On Friday there was a barbecue evening for a first gathering. On Saturday at 8 o'clock continued with serious topics. In addition to breeding tips and important information about calf rearing, elections were on the agenda. The Management Board was confirmed in his office for an additional three years - Klaus Möbbius, Midland-Wagyu as Chairman; Dr. Benjamin Junck, Vornagel Wagyu, as second chairman and Hans-Jürgen Kühl, Eidertal Wagyu, as treasurer. The advisory board, which is in charge of the board, will consist of Bina Keweloh, Haru Wagyu, Ronald Haake, Havel Wagyu, and Steffen Schäfer, Vogelsberger Wagyu. It is particularly noteworthy that member Sepp Krätz, German Wagyu, withdrew his application for the advisory council to pay tribute to the first woman of the association's history (Bina Keweloh), who stood for the advisory board. Matthias Frahm, Techentin, was elected as cash auditor. The informative lectures of the speakers Anne Menrath from the Federal Association of Rind and Schwein und Dr. Caroline von Ackeren from the agriculture center of Baden-Württemberg was given high attention. These and further detailed information will soon be available in the member area of this homepage. The members agreed to extend the IT-supported service areas on the homepage and decided a sale site of the members' membership fees. The association is also planning a first Wagyu auction in southern Germany from May 11 to 13, 2018. Further information in separate info box. After the meeting points, we went to the Moselfahrt followed by a gala evening, motto "Mosel meets Japan". On Sunday the visit of the company of Florian Weber, Hof Hütt, Arenrath was on the agenda. He has been a member of the Wagyu Association since 2014. With 6-7 Wagyu slaughtered animals per year, he wants to keep the operation Wagyu business small and fine. The next meeting will take place to Thomas Spang, Virngrund Wagyu, Stödtlen.


2. European Wagyu Gala 2016 in Münster on September 9/10 in Münster, Germany

On 9-10. September 2016 was the second Wagyu auction held on the farm Holtmann in Münster. Melanie and Reinhard Holtmann and Dr. Hubertus Diers, Prisma Gen, gave a warm welcome to international customers from seven European countries.
A convincing quality of distended 43 animals was confirmed by great interest in buying and speedy auction. For the first time internet bidders were admitted. The 20 female Full Blood -Pets redeemed 11.075,00 euros on average. Four bulls yielded an average of 6.000,00 euros. all embryo packages were sell (for an embryo with female sexed semen from Tayasu 533 FB13499 from Sakura 513 in the maximum price of 2,200 euros). A Battle Ox changed its owner for 3,700 euros. The maximum daily price was offered for the No.21. Elisif 793 ET FB 22021. The cow was sell for 29.000,00 euros to Schleswig-Holstein. (Maximum price in the last year: 27,500 euros). The chairman of the Wagyu Association Klaus Möbius congratulated all feeders and organizers on stage. They can look back on a great event. In good weather and good mood the Wagyu auction was using all family forces a great success on the perfectly prepared Hof of family Holtmann. We wish all buyers all the best and much success with their animals. The next Wagyu Auction is on 8/9. September 2017.


Further Information Wagyu-Münsterland


Wagyu Association Germany

Wagyu Breeders Association Germany -

Annual Meeting 2016 on July 1-3, in Havelberg, Germany with CEO Graham Truscott, Australien Wagyu Association Ltd. 

 At the opening Klaus Möbius, the president of the Wagyu Breeder Association Germany, gave a very special welcome to new members and to Graham Truscott. The association grew in eight years from 9 to 135 members. He informed about the latest developments in the world of Wagyu, about breeding, international formulation of breeding, aims and breed descriptions and publicity.


It is very pleasing that no race in the last few months as much as the media reported about Wagyu. The reports extend over posts in the print media (Beef, national newspapers, regional reports, among others), television programs on various channels of 'arte' to "Farmer Wants a Wife" , Fair Share (Green Week, Euro Animal et al).

It is important to intensify the communication to breeding, fattening and marketing. Klaus Möbius informed daily up certification procedures in Brussels, the forthcoming negotiations for the uniform breed description, characteristics of a breed plan, genetic evaluation, displacement hybrids and genetic peculiarities. 

After the report by President Klaus Möbius the famous CEO of Australian Wagyu Association Graham Truscott gave a very interesting and detailed presentation on the Global Wagyu situation, the Australian Wagyu Production Systems, the Wagyu Market Situation and the technical Matters

Australia has 90,000 Wagyu every year Graham Truscott presented further some general marketing strategies and answered in detail the subsequent questions from the members.

In the afternoon we went by ship on the Havel, who was accompanied by representatives of the NABU with information on the restoration and was also used by the association members to discuss topics about the Wagyu breeding and marketing.


In the evening the Wagyu Grillbuffet of grill master Matthias Ganzer , Arthotel Kibietzberg delighted the guests. Besides Wagyu rump, Mr. Ganzer served Wagyu sausages, Wagyu steak, Wagyu ragout and Wagyu meatballs. The Wagyu (marbling 11)  was from Havel Wagyu, Ronald Haake and Andreas Schröder GbR.

On Sunday Havel Wagyu invited to Kuhlhausen factory tour. Havel Wagyu is Sachsen-Anhalt's first herdbook breeding, and operates according to biological foundations - but without being biozertifiert. Currently 38 Full Blood Wagyu, 11 pregnancies and crossing and carrier animals are (especially Uckermärker) on the farm, which is expected to grow.

After a short fish- brunch the breeders went back home – very impressed by the hospitality of Havel Wagyu as well as by the new impacts given by Graham Truscott.

Graham and his wife took the opportunity to visit some other ranches in Germany, before they went back to the US. 


Look at the Impressions of the world-wagyu-conference Australia


Photos of the annual meeting with Graham Scott, CEO Australien Wagyu Association Ltd.



Invitation European Wagyu Gala 2016 in Münster on September 9/10 in Münster, Germany


Friday, September 9, 2016

15.00 Chance to view the sale animals. The location of the sale is the farm Holtmann in Münster-Albachten, Ventrup 60.

Coffee and cakes are beeing served.


Saturday, September 10, 2016

During the day there will be various activites like cooking demonstrations with Xiao Wang and others, beer und wine tasting etc.

11.00 Viewing of sale animals is possible.  

16.00 Start of the sale

19.30 After Sale Party with breeders and visitors on the Holtmann farm


Hof Holtmann, Ventrup 60, 48163 Münster Albachten +40(0)2536/6710


Information under Wagyu-Münsterland and WWS Germany GmbH

www.wagyu-muensterland.de and www.wwsgermany.de


Wagyu at the International Green Week in Berlin


The Wagyu Association was represented at the International Green Week in Berlin 2016 with its own stand. 


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