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Wagyu Breeders Association Germany -

Annual Meeting 2016 on July 1-3, in Havelberg, Germany with CEO Graham Truscott, Australiena Wagyu Association Ltd. 

 At the opening Klaus Möbius, the president of the Wagyu Breeder Association Germany, gave a very special welcome to new members and to Graham Truscott. The association grew in eight years from 9 to 135 members. He informed about the latest developments in the world of Wagyu, about breeding, international formulation of breeding, aims and breed descriptions and publicity.


It is very pleasing that no race in the last few months as much as the media reported about Wagyu. The reports extend over posts in the print media (Beef, national newspapers, regional reports, among others), television programs on various channels of 'arte' to "Farmer Wants a Wife" , Fair Share (Green Week, Euro Animal et al).

It is important to intensify the communication to breeding, fattening and marketing. Klaus Möbius informed daily up certification procedures in Brussels, the forthcoming negotiations for the uniform breed description, characteristics of a breed plan, genetic evaluation, displacement hybrids and genetic peculiarities. 

After the report by President Klaus Möbius the famous CEO of Australian Wagyu Association Graham Truscott gave a very interesting and detailed presentation on the Global Wagyu situation, the Australian Wagyu Production Systems, the Wagyu Market Situation and the technical Matters

Australia has 90,000 Wagyu every year Graham Scott presented further some general marketing strategies and answered in detail the subsequent questions from the members.

In the afternoon we went by ship on the Havel, who was accompanied by representatives of the NABU with information on the restoration and was also used by the association members to discuss topics about the Wagyu breeding and marketing.


 In the evening the Wagyu Grillbuffet of grill master Matthias Ganzer , Arthotel Kibietzberg delighted the guests . Besides Wagyu tartare, wagyu rump, Mr. Ganzer served Wagyu sausages, Wagyu steak, Wagyu ragout and Wagyu meatballs. The Wagyu (marbling 11)  was from Havel Wagyu, Ronald Haake and Andreas Schröder GbR.

On Sunday Havel Wagyu invited to Kuhlhausen factory tour. Havel Wagyu is Sachsen-Anhalt's first herdbook breeding, and operates according to biological foundations - but without being biozertifiert. Currently 38 Full Blood Wagyu, 11 pregnancies and crossing and carrier animals are (especially Uckermärker) on the farm, which is expected to grow.

After a short fish- brunch the breeders went back home – very impressed by the hospitality of Havel Wagyu as well as by the new impacts given by Graham Truscott.

Graham and his wife took the opportunity to visit some other ranches in Germany, before they went back to the US. 

Chateaux Wagyu, Wagyu Breeder Meeting 2015 Picture by Heike Gundlich

Wagyu Breeders Association Germany - Annual Meeting 2015


Wagyu Breeders Association Germany – Annual Meeting 2015 on Juli 3-5, in Bad Tölz, Germany


At the opening Klaus Möbius, the president of the association, gave a very special welcome to new members. The association grew in a few years from 9 to 75 members. Especially in Bavaria, the number of Wagyu breeders increased enormously. It should be noted that many farmers from other operational priorities change to Wagyu breeding.

In the official part of the event there was a series of lectures to Wagyu - breeding and marketing. The auditors Patrick Hecht und Uwe Jerathe found a proper accounting.

In the coming years, the Board would like to emphasize the issue of marketing of beef.


In the afternoon we went by bus to the largest historic hut villages of the Karwendel mountain range in Austria at the Enger Alm. The trip led us past 500 cows by different races and was a nice preparation for the subsequent official breeders evening, the famous chef Xiao Wang and Lucky Maurer with helper Marinus as Kobe beef front cooking.

With artistic-looking knife movements Xiao Wang prepared as in the game several courses at the grill table. The breeder watched the preparation of valuable Kobe beef under his hands.

At first it was served with Chinese garlic – roasted in Wagyu fat- and fleur de sel. In addition there was Yaki Soba (= Japanese noodle dish). It followed other specialties with Kobe beef


The last day was reserved for a visit to the Chateaux Wagyu, Heimkreit in Bad Tölz. It’s a property place of beauty and tranquility. The boss of the house, Christine Müller-Gut, greeted her breeder colleagues with sincere friendship and introduced in her farm work.


Conclusion: A successful annual meeting. Next Meeting: From 1st-3rd July 2016.



Wagyu Breeders Association Germany - Annual Meeting 2014


Following a tradition, the German Wagyu breeders hold their annual meeting the second weekend of July. This time the meeting took place near Münster – a city in the Midwest of Germany.

Friday evening the group met on the ranch of family Holtmann, who is breeding Wagyu since some years. Klaus Möbius, the president of the association, welcomed the guests to the meeting. He gave a very special welcome to Ralph Valdez and his wife, who joined the German breeders for this meeting. The Wagyu meat for the BBQ had been prepared by the former Vice World Champion of BBQ and a member of the association, Robert Meyer, in a big smoker. Together with German beer from a small regional brewery and a delicious buffet, it tasted really well and the group had relaxed informal evening. Especially the new members of the constantly growing breeder community had the opportunity for networking.

Next morning the official meeting took place. Klaus Möbius gave especially to the 15 new members a worm welcome and reported about the activities during the last 12 months. The association has now 54 members! The board of the association had been re-elected for the next three years, which will give continuity to the future development of the organization. The highlight was the presentation from Ralph Valdez. He gave the German breeder community insights of his long lasting experience breeding Wagyu, the race as such and the most important factors for being successful from a genetic stand point as well as producing outstanding meat. Afterwards a lively discussion showed that the breeders received a lot of new impulses.

During the afternoon was the opportunity to have a sightseeing tour thru Münster, an old university town. In the evening the official “Wagyu”-dinner took place in a restaurant. The culinary 4 courses were prepared with Wagyu meat from the Holtmann ranch – tasting really delicious!

Sunday morning the breeders travelled again to the Holtmann ranch. Ralph gave his assessment of some cattle, which were bred by Reinhard Holtmann as well as by Dr. Hubertus Diers, the managing director of World Wide Sires (WWS). Ralph was quite impressed by the quality of the cattle and encouraged the breeder community to go on with this high standard. Klaus expressed that the German Wagyu Association will act as a reliable partner within Europe. Furthermore he highlighted the challenge to breed polled Wagyu for animal welfare, which could be a common task with the American Wagyu Association.

After a short brunch the breeders went back home – very impressed by the hospitality of family Holtmann and Hubertus Diers as well as by the new impacts given by Ralph.

Ralph and his wife took the opportunity to visit some other ranches in Germany, before they went back to the US. 


(Mediale Veröffentlichung in USA, 08/14)




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